Welcome to Global Parachute

The Overseas Press Club of America's Global Parachute aims to connect journalists around the globe by creating a platform of information allowing reporters, photographers, editors and producers, young and experienced, to exchange valuable information that will enhance news-gathering and maybe even be life-saving.

Who's the best fixer in Yemen? What areas in Turkey are considered unsafe for journalists? How is it possible to report in Cuba? Can you trust your translator in Thailand? All of these questions and more will be explored and hopefully answered in the confines of OPC Global Parachute.

The OPC Global Parachute maintains country information pages with information on embassies, types of government, key in-country business and media figures, brief historical sketches and links to relevant websites, such as the CIA's country pages. These pages are available to everyone.

Those who request log-in information and are approved can view more extensive information written by experienced journalists on the ground in a variety of countries and contribute to Wiki information pages. Every nugget of information will be mined and mined again by those who follow in one another's footsteps in the name of news.

To gain access to this area of the site, you must be a journalist or affiliated with a branch of the media, whether it be as a freelancer, an editor or a public relations liaison. Permissions for areas of the site are designated accordingly.

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